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{Competition Overview}

Hacking the home to make play part of everyday.

Play is an essential part of all our lives, whether child or adult. Be it playing sports, a board game or simply sharing jokes with friends, play is just as important to adults as building a den or playing dress-up is to a child.


The Coronavirus outbreak has left many of us having to spend extended periods of time at home in lockdown, restricting the opportunity to socialise and play in ways that we are used to.

How can we use creativity to encourage
play in these unique times?

To design something that will enable people to play at home during lockdown.

{The Brief}

First wave of submissions by 6pm Friday 24th April 2020 to be featured in May. 

Second wave by 6pm Friday 22nd May 2020 to be featured in June.

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Playhouse Competition is a collaboration from Manchester design studios:


Ben Clark Design

Barney Ibbotson Illustration